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Nova works with government agencies, nonprofits, and municipalities to develop data strategies for social services and to facilitate data-driven planning and decision making. We collaborate with government authorities and philanthropy to jointly overcome structural barriers to data usage, promote access to administrative data, develop agile data tools, and increase the resources available to this fast-growing field.


Nova Project Joins the Social Finance Israel Group

Creating one home for the public and social sector to develop and realize programs and capabilities by adopting outcome-based tools: data-driven management, Pay for Success, measurement and impact investing.

What Does Nova Do?

​​​Nova is happy to share its accumulated knowledge with the social and public fields (available in Hebrew only).

Business Meeting

Our Board


 Oshik Feller - Gil - Chairperson

Oshik  is the former Chairwoman of Midot, an organization advancing the efficacy of social organizations. She is also a member of the board of trustees at The College of Management, as well as Afeka Engineering College. Oshik was CEO and VP at the Israeli Institute of Democracy, an association operating in the fields of governance, society and economy to promote democracy in Israel. In the past, Oshik also was an executive at Tnuva and Hadassah Medical Association, and held a variety of management positions at Mizrahi Bank.
Oshik earned an M.A in Gender Studies from Tel Aviv University (with honors), an M.A in Management Communication from Israel College, and a B.A in Psychology from Bar Ilan University.


Yaron Neudorfer

Yaron Neudorfer is founder and CEO of Social Finance Israel, the first financial institution in Israel to issue Social Impact Bonds. He previously served for seven years as CFO of The Jewish Agency, the largest not-for-profit organization in the country, overseeing a budget of more than $400M and responsible for all fiscal, financial and budgetary considerations of the organization and its subsidiary companies (some are for-profit). Prior to joining the Jewish Agency, Yaron served for 12 years in various positions in the Israeli Ministry of Finance, overseeing projects within social areas such as healthcare and education. In his final position at the Ministry of Finance, he was stationed in New York City, representing the Israeli Government vis-à-vis credit rating agencies and implementing the borrowing program of the State of Israel in the Western hemisphere, through various vehicles including retail bonds (Israel Bonds organization), sovereign credit and loan guarantees. Yaron holds his BA in Accounting and Economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and his Master in Public Administration from Harvard Kennedy School of Government. 

תמונה - ניצה (קלינר) קסיר.jpg

Dr. Nitza (Kleiner) Kassir

Dr. Nitza (Kleiner) Kassir serves as Deputy to the Chairman of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs and is a researcher in the fields of economics, employment and welfare. Dr. Kassir established and managed the Labour Market and Welfare Policy Units at the Bank of Israel, takes part in assessment programmes for various policy tools such as the "employment benefit" ("negative income tax") and is a member of various consulting committees – for the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, the Jerusalem Institute and the Institute for Law and Philanthropy at the Hebrew University, among others. Nitza volunteered for many years as mentor for social organisations via Nova, alongside with consulting to government offices at the "Programme for Social Economists" and other social enterprises.

Oren Drucker_edited.jpg

Oren Drucker

Oren has more than 20 years' experience in business strategy, and acts today as a consultant and entrepreneur in this field. He is also a board member at Midot and a mentor to several other NGOs. In the past he was a partner in Trigger-Foresight, a strategic consulting firm, and led strategic planning and business development processes with leading organizations and government agencies. Later, as a partner at Deloitte, he managed the business unit of strategic consulting to the financial sector in Israel.   Oren holds a BA in economics and sociology from the Hebrew University and an MBA from Tel-Aviv University


Guy Beigel

Guy serves as VP at SFI and leads the advisory department of the organization.
Prior to joining SFI, Guy served for a decade as the CEO of Midot, which became a subsidiary of SFI at the beginning of March 2020. In this position, Guy led the development of a variety of innovative social impact measurement tools, while expanding the reach of the Midot Seal of Effectiveness. Additionally, Guy was CEO of Halev, an organization providing legal assistance to those in need. 
Guy started his career in the private sector, holding various financial positions at Strauss Group.
Guy is a licensed attorney, and earned a B.A in Law and Economics as well as an M.A in Business Administration from the Tel Aviv University.

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