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Our Team

Naomi Krieger Carmy

Executive Director

Naomi is SVP at Social Finance Israel and Executive Director of Nova (within the SFI Group). Her professional focus is the intersection of business, social change, and technology. She worked as an investment banker on Wall Street, supporting tech companies on IPOs, M&A and strategic transactions. She was CEO of STRIVE Israel, a flagship employment program of JDC-Tevet.
She helped establish and ran the UK Israel Tech Hub, a public-private model of creating bilateral business and technology partnerships.
In her last role prior to joining SFI, Naomi was VP at the Israel Innovation Authority and the first head of its Societal Challenges division, which funds and supports "impact tech", and aims to develop human capital for the innovation industry. Naomi is an 8200 alumnus, has a BA in Economics and International Relations from Hebrew University, a Master´s in Public Policy from Harvard, and was a fellow at Cambridge University Centre of Science and Policy.

Rony Birman

Rony Birman

VP Data and Measurment

Rony is leading Nova’s consulting and capacity building activity with all three sectors (government, local authorities and NGOs), focusing on data-strategy and strategic processes. Rony has experience in both research and consulting, worked as a consumer behavior researcher at "K.S. Research Institute" and later a consultant at "Shaldor" consulting firm. Rony managed Nova’s strategy consulting activity, leading dozens of highly complex processes with top executives from Israel’s non-profit and government sectors.  Holds a BA degree with honors in Psychology and Cognition from the Hebrew University and an MSc degree with honors in Cognition from the University of Amsterdam.


Libat Apolet

Project Manager

Libat has extensive experience managing projects and implementing technological tools in the business, public and social sectors. Libat has characterized and implemented information systems both in very large entities in the Israeli economy and among small businesses and associations. She has also provided strategic advice and support in the development of work processes in these organizations. Among her most recent positions, Libat worked as a product manager in startups and as a consultant for implementing technological processes in large communities in Israel. In the past, she worked in the Modiin municipality's youth department. Libat has a bachelor's degree in psychology and communication and a master's degree in public policy management (both from Ben Gurion University). In addition to these, Libat studied strategy management (Lahav - Tel Aviv University), information systems analysis, and NLP.


Moran Lavi

Director of the Data Unit

Moran has extensive experience leading data-based processes of change, formulating data-based strategies, determining the characteristics necessary for supporting systems and tools, and managing their implementation. In her previous role, Moran founded and ran the data sector of the States Attorney’s Office and led complex lateral projects to establish managerial and professional data-based decision making in the SAO, alongside initiatives to encourage transparency with regards to the organization's data-based activity. Moran is a lawyer, with a B.A. in jurisprudence and an M.A. in public policy (managerial program), with honors, both from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

yifat small.jpg

Yifat Zar-Sat

Operations and Finance Coordinator

Yifat leads the field of finance and operations at Nova. Yifat has extensive experience in project coordination and management and in financial and budgetary management.  She was
previously CEO of  The Documentary Forum in Israel, a non-profit organization for the promotion and marketing of the Israeli documentary genre, and was in charge of finances, administration and productions. Yifat was also COO of CoPro, a non-profit organization, the maintainer of The Israeli Coproduction Market, dedicated to exposing Israeli documentary projects to executives in the international documentary film industry around the world. Yifat was also the producer of Takriv- an online magazine that brings discussion and critique of Israeli documentary film.


Limor Spektorovsky-Cohavi

Head of Social Services

Limor leads Nova's activities in the field of social services with government ministries and local authorities. Limor has over 15 years of experience in consulting organizations, managing professional projects, leading processes and establishing management systems, in the fields of quality and environmental protection. In her previous roles, she engaged in environmental strategic consulting, leading CSR performance measurement and analysis processes and writing corporate responsibility reports for global corporations, as well as building internal organizational processes to improve performance. Limor holds a B.Sc in Biology from Tel Aviv University and an MA with honors in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.


Shlomit Pessah-Gilboa

Head of the social sector

Shlomit has more than 20 years of extensive experience as an organizational and training consultant for the business, social and government sectors. In her previous positions, she worked as a senior training and organizational consultant at the "Lotem" consulting company; as director of OD and training at JDC Ashalim; and as director of OD and information in the Yated national program for young adults at risk. Shlomit leads Nova's activities with non-profit and social organizations. She has a BA in Political Science (cum laude) and an MBA in Organizational Behavior from Tel Aviv University, and an MA in Information Studies from Bar Ilan University (cum laude).
נועה חשדי.jpg

Noa Hashdi 

Training Coordinator

Noa`s professional focus is development of content and programs and she has significant experience working in the public sector, social sector and the meeting between the two.
As part of her previous positions, she managed the field of social activism at the Jerusalem Municipality's youth center and engaged in strategic development, assessment and measurement, development and management of programs and services to promote young people and strengthen civil society in Jerusalem. Prior to that, she was a facilitator of groups at the Gesher organization and managing an academic internship program at the dean's office at the Hebrew University. Noa has extensive experience in developing and maintaining organizational knowledge, developing training systems, managing projects and leading multi-collaborative processes. Noa has a BA in community social work from the Hebrew University.
סבטה רובן.jpg

Sveta Ruban

Head of Learning

Sveta has extensive experience in research, measurement, and evaluation, and in the development of training systems. In her previous role, she managed evaluation and measurement systems as a researcher at the Henrietta Szold Research Institute for Behavioral Sciences, worked with social organizations in the characterization and development of information systems, and in the implementation of data-based management. She formerly worked as training manager at the Ein Yael Museum. Sveta holds an MA with honors in organizational consulting from the Department of Sociology, and a BA with honors in sociology, anthropology, and general history, both from the Hebrew University.

Maya Remez

Maya Remez





Maya has extensive experience in the social sector in project and financial management. In her previous positions, she led the fields of knowledge and operations at Nova, worked at “The Women's Courtyard” (N.G.O) headquarters, which provides support and assistance for young women who deal with distress and risk situations, and managed educational and social projects in "HaNoar HaOved VeHalomed" youth movement. Her master's thesis analyzed a protest by teenage girls via social media. Maya holds a BA with honors in Sociology, Anthropology and Gender and an MA with honors in Gender Studies, both from Tel Aviv University.


Hila Schwartz

Project manager in the data and measurement department

Hila leads data-driven strategies and projects mainly in economic development.
Hila has extensive experience in leading change processes, formulating strategies, characterizing technological tools, and managing implementation processes. Hila comes from a background in local government in promoting innovation, digitization, and business development and has previously led data-driven change processes in local businesses, local employment, and demographic growth. Hila has an entrepreneurial spirit and was a partner in establishing and leading initiatives regarding social involvement, financial support for proper conduct, and promoting women to positions of influence. Hila holds a bachelor's degree in economics and management from the "Cadets for Local Government" program, from which she graduated with honors at Tel Hai Academic College. She is completing a master's degree in business administration, specializing in news and entrepreneurship at the Technion.
Our Team
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