Nova: Professional volunteerism


NOVA’s Vision

NOVA fosters first-rate professional infrastructure in  nonprofits in order to help them realize their vision and increase the efficacy and efficiency of their social endeavors.


Our goals

NOVA is a countrywide volunteer organization that operates on two complementary channels, providing consulting to social organizations and helping its activists develop their ISR (individual social responsibility). NOVA’s main focus is on providing consulting to nonprofits. Our consulting teams are headed by volunteer consultants (from leading firms) and are comprised of senior businessmen who provide advice as mentors, and outstanding students. NOVA’s unique model brings exceptional professional knowledge and abilities to nonprofits at minimal cost, connects the business-professional sector with social activism by leveraging its relative advantage and guides the younger generation toward active participation in contributing to society, with a combination of business experience and social involvement.

NOVA recognizes the potential in its past, present and future volunteers to form an exceptional group that will integrate into key positions in Israeli society. NOVA is committed to mentoring the commercial, professional and personal development of its volunteers to maintain active and effective social involvement and responsibility. NOVA encourages them to maximize their natural talents and positions as leaders in promoting effective social endeavors, as part of a philosophy of social involvement and responsibility to the environment in which they live.


What we do

 Consulting for social involvement organizations in formulating and implementing social involvement strategy, streamlining operations, marketing strategy, developing independent revenues and developing measurement mechanisms.

 Deploying a network of volunteer professionals to plan, lead and support the consulting projects and their implementation.

 Developing ISR (individual social responsibility) among NOVA's alumni, as individuals and as a community spreading a message.


What makes us unique

 Impact leverage – NOVA is an organization that builds long-term infrastructure and as such creates change on a number of levels: giving organizations “fishing rods, not fish” for effective long-term operation; encouraging volunteers toward long-term social involvement via unmediated interaction and hands-on experience.

 An organization of volunteers – NOVA’s activities are based on some 200 volunteers actively involved in dozens of projects annually in a wide range of social involvement organizations. NOVA's alumni form a unique community of exceptional activists with a high level of awareness of the importance of social involvement of professionals, and many of our volunteers continue to provide volunteer services to NOVA and its activities.

 Projects that are implementing change in the field – Thanks to our network of volunteers and NOVA’s accumulated experience, we are providing nonprofits quality services tailored to their needs, from the strategic planning stage to the implementation stage. Our main focus is on practical projects that have clear measures of success, and which will lead to fundamental changes in social involvement organizations.

 Knowledge exchanges between sectors – NOVA operates in cooperation with the third sector, academia and the business sector, each of which has its own strengths and characteristics. NOVA’s model enables these partners to learn all about one another and gain exposure to new professional values and opportunities for unmediated encounters that knock down barriers and prejudices.



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