NOVA is helping decision makers harness the power of data to solve Israel's challenges in the fields of education, health, welfare and employment.

Evidence and data point the way to solutions and results.


We work with government agencies, nonprofits and municipalities to develop data strategies for social services and to facilitate data driven planning, decision making, measurement and evaluation.

We collaborate with government entities and philanthropy, as well as with the local business community, to jointly overcome structural barriers for data usage, Promoting access to statistic and administrative data, developing agile data tools and increasing the resources available to this fast growing field.


A taste of our work during the Coronavirus crisis 

Data In local authorities

Watch how Sakhnin Municipality is using the power of Data to help local businesses

Our Consulting Services

NOVA works with nonprofits, government agencies and local government

Create results-driven procurement strategy and contracting for social services

Together we will learn to work with data


We will work on data-based decision-making and improving services for residents

Our Board

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Benny Mamon

Chairman of the board of directors at NOVA. Partner at GreenGroup, a real estate project management firm that assists property owners, developers, and municipalities in development projects. The company specializies in urban regeneration and realization of development rights. Benny  is a social activist at NOVA since its establishment and was among the founders of "The NGO Home" – a shared working space that promotes social activism. He holds a B.A in Business Administration from the IDC Herzliya Institute.

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Professor Jack Habib

Professor Jack Habib is the former director of the Myers-Joint-Brookdale Institute for Social Research in Israel. He also served as executive director of "Joint Israel" (JDC). Prof. Habib served as consultant to the United Jewish Communities in the US and to many other organisations.  He wrote many books and articles about social welfare, and served as a member in many public committees, including the Public Committee for the Examination of the Definition of Poverty. He is Emeritus Professor of Economics and Social Work at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Harvard University.

Dr. Nitza (Kleiner) Kassir

Dr. Nitza (Kleiner) Kassir serves as Deputy to the chairman of the Haredi Institute for Public Affairs and is a researcher in the fields of economics, employment and welfare. Dr. Kassir established and managed the Labour Market and Welfare Policy Units at the Bank of Israel, takes part in assessment programmes for various policy tools such as the "employment benefit" ("negative income tax") and is a member of various consulting committees – for the Israeli Central Bureau of Statistics, the Jerusalem Institute and the Institute for Law and Philanthropy at the Hebrew University, among others. Nitza volunteered for many years as mentor for social organisations via Nova, alongside with consulting to government offices at the "Programme for Social Economists" and other social enterprises.

Dr. Amir Sandach

Dr. Amir Sandz, senior executive at Bank Hapoalim, also previously served as a director of Bank Hapoalim subsidiaries. Member of the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, specializing in shift and computer services, commerce and research for institutional entities. He also serves as a member of the board of directors at Poalim Sahar and the Registration company, both subsidiary’s of Bank Hapoalim. Dr. Sandach served as a faculty member at the Mathematics and Statistics Department at Bar Ilan University, and he is the author of the book "Big Data – Practical Tools for Data Analysis". Before joining Bank Hapoalim, Dr. Sandach served in the management of the G-STAT Corporation, a company specialising in analytic and statistical services on a variety of issues. He holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics and Statistics from Bar Ilan University.

 Shahar Cohen

Shahar has been playing key roles within the Israel’s tech industry, recently served as Head of Product Marketing for the global Cisco Enterprise Division (based in SJ,CA). Previously, VP Product Marketing & Business Development for Nativeflow. He served as Head of Strategy & Business Development for the Indigo Division of HP. Shahar combines both strategic acumen accumulated as an Engagements Leader at the global strategic management consulting boutique - Shaldor, together with SW engineering roots as a SW Engineer at Intel. In 2011, Shahar has been appointed as the youngest member of the “Trachetenbeg Committee”. Shahar was awarded the JDC Zusman’s prize for Social Innovation for his role in building Nova. He holds B.Sc in Computer Sciences and MBA (both cum laude) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. 

Haya Berenfeld

Haya Berenfeld is deeply acquainted with the public sector, both on the national and local levels, and holds the capability to leverage public activity into business, with partners and without them. Today she is the CEO of "Marom", a nonprofit specialising in the field of learning disabilities, and formerly assistant chief executive of the Rishon LeZion municipality. Haya is an expert in municipal administration, where she served in senior roles, and is experienced in social issues. She also led social entrepreneurship and social programmes. She holds an MA in Education Management and BA in Social Work from Tel Aviv University. She is alumnus of the SEF programme at Harvard University, Boston.

Hadas Lahav

Hadas Lahav is a content manager and senior media personality.  Until recently she was deputy editor-in-chief of Yediot Ahronot, and currently she establishes and manages the Storytelling Unit at Maoz – Content House for Social Change. She has held senior management and editing positions for over 15 years.  She participates in several initiatives for changing social perceptions via the media, e.g. the "Olim Beyahad" media project for changing perceptions towards Ethiopian Jews, the integration of Arabs in the media and increasing their visibility in social networks; "Nivheret" project for doubling the number of women candidates in the local elections, and more.

Our Team
Hadas Gabay Larom

Hadas Gabay Larom

Executive Director

Hadas has 13 years of experience in consulting and management. She began her career as a consultant at "Shaldor" Consulting firm, and then as a consultant, board member and finally CEO of NOVA. Hadas is a fellow at Maoz and a former member of the inter-sectorial roundtable at the Prime Minister's Office. Hadas holds a BA in Economics from the Amirim Program at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem and an MA in Environmental Studies from Tel Aviv University.

Rony Birman

Rony Birman

Managing Director, Consulting Services

Rony is leading Nova’s consulting and capacity building activity with all three sectors (government, local authorities and NGOs), focusing on data-strategy and strategic processes. Rony has experience in both research and consulting, worked as a consumer behavior researcher at "K.S. Research Institute" and later a consultant at "Shaldor" consulting firm. Rony managed Nova’s strategy consulting activity, leading dozens of highly complex processes with top executives from Israel’s non-profit and government sectors.  Holds a BA degree with honors in Psychology and Cognition from the Hebrew University and an MSc degree with honors in Cognition from the University of Amsterdam.

Limor Spektorovsky-Cohavi

Head of Public Sector

Limor has over 15 years of experience in consulting organizations, managing professional projects, leading processes and establishing management systems, in the fields of quality and environmental protection. In her previous roles, she has engaged in environmental strategic consulting, leading CSR performance measurement and analysis processes and writing corporate responsibility reports for global corporations, as well as building internal organizational processes to improve performance. Limor holds a B.Sc in Biology from Tel Aviv University and an MA with honors in Public Policy from Tel Aviv University.

Yaar Felixbrodt

Head of Data Strategy

Yaar has a vast experience in strategic and organizational consulting to the public, political and social sectors. In his previous positions Yaar led complex, multi-party processes including major policy changes, data-driven decision making, building and implementing measurement and assessment tools, strategic models and professional trainings. Yaar provided consultancy to senior management in government offices, local authorities and civil society. He holds a dual degree of BSW in Social Work and BA in Political Science (Honored Students Forum), both from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.

Ilana Pinshaw

Head of Administrative Data

Ilana has over a decade's experience in strategic planning, organisational and project management in government, civil society and the private sector. In her position in the Israeli ICT Authority in the Prime Minister's Office, she led a government-wide reform to open data to the public. In these diverse positions, Ilana led the development of inter-organisational cooperation and implementation of strategic change. Ilana holds a BA in Psychology with honours from the University of Sydney, Australia; an Honours Masters in Public Policy from the Hebrew University, Israel; and a graduate certificate in organisational consulting from the Tafnit management school at the Open University.

Tal Oron

Head of evaluation & learning

Tal has over two decades of experience in research, measurement and evaluation. She came to Nova after developing, establishing, and managing research and evaluation for the Hebrew Reali High School in Haifa where she led over 100 pedagogical, organizational, and strategic studies, as well as action-based research.  Tal has extensive knowledge and rich experience in both qualitative and quantitative analysis and in data visualization. She has a B.A. in sociology, anthropology, and creative arts, and an M.A. in applied sociological research (thesis track), both from Haifa University, as well as a diploma in data science from the Technion.

Tal Kahana

Tal Kahana

Senior Measurement and Evaluation Advisor 

Tal has over 20 years of professional expertise in assessment and measurement in the social sector. has vast experience in the development of assessment and measurement capabilities and their assimilation in social organizations. Served as the professional manager of "Matan - Investor in the Community". Prior to that she worked for more than 20 years in the business sector in the field of market research. For 10 years she managed the quantitative research institute of one of the five largest research institutes in Israel. holds a MA degree with honors in statistics and a BA degree in mathematics, from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yuval Kerrem Gilo

Management and Strategic Advisor

Yuval has 10 years of experience in public, private and third sector economic projects. He specializes in the public sector as a consultant in the fields of procurement, policy and regulation. Yuval is the co-founder and former director of the Social Economists Program and a member of the Executive Board of the Social Economic Academy. Yuval holds a BA in Philosophy, Economics and Political Science from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a MBA with Strategy and Entrepreneurship  specialization from Tel Aviv University

Maya Remez

Maya Remez

Knowledge and Operations Manager

Maya has considerable experience in the social sector, both in  educational projects in "HaNoar HaOved VeHalomed" movement and in financial and budgetary management, working at the "Women's Court" Association, working with young girls and young women on the periphery of society. Maya wrote her master's thesis on protest by teenage girls via social media. Holds a BA degree in Sociology, Anthropology and Gender and an MA degree in Gender Studies Program from Tel Aviv University.

Anat Halevy

Behavioural Economics Advisor

Anat has over a decade of experience as a social psychologist, researcher, lecturer and facilitator of workshops on behavioral economics. One of the founders and director of the IDeCision Implementation Center at the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya. Anat has experience in consulting, implementation of behavioral insights, management of RCT studies and field research, and in the past managed the research unit of the psychiatric department at the Tel Aviv Medical Center. Holds a BSc degree in Psychobiology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, an MBA from Tel Aviv University, and a BA in Social Psychology from the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya.

Galli Penn-Versano

Information Systems Advisor

Galli has over 15 years of experience in the field of information systems. Galli brings a rich understanding of business processes in various industries alongside technological knowledge with capabilities to lead significant change processes. Galli has extensive experience in analyzing systems and managing complex projects from building strategic model stages, change management, collection of business requirements to implementing them. In recent years, Galli has managed strategic projects, including writing characterizations, improving work processes, managing software vendors, extracting and developing organizational knowledge, training and implementation.

Dorit Moser

Senior Advisor, Project Management and Systems Implementation

Dorit is an IT expert with over 20 years of experience in establishing, implementing and managing ERP and CRM systems in Israel and abroad. She has previously worked in providing IT services to government agencies, global information systems companies and consulting firms. Throughout her working years, Dorit has assisted in business and system analysis, data design and implementation of salesforce-based systems for NPOs. Dorit currently serves as a strategic advisor to companies and IT organizations, with focus on digital transformation and systems implementation. She holds degrees in mathematics and economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and music studies at the Rubin Academy of performing arts.

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